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About Us:
TabletLawyer, LLC was founded by James Province.  James was a busy solo practice lawyer in Poulsbo, WA. and now works as a mediator. One year when he was practicing law, he had twelve yellow pads of notes being used at the same time in his office.  After he discovered a Tablet PC, he increased his organization and productivity through effective use of the Tablet and certain software.  He is now passionate about introducing the technology to lawyers to help improve their practice as well.

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TabletLawyer, LLC
PO Box 2443                                                  FUJITSU Warranty & Repair Information (Click Here)
19717 Front St. NE                                        
Poulsbo, WA  98370                                        LENOVO Warranty & Repair Information (Click Here)
p:  800.217.8575
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e:  Info@TabletLawyer.com 
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